Cool Horror Videos: Alternate first take opening to John Carpenter's Halloween!

When you think of Halloween you almost instinctively think of John Carpenter's 1978 classic HALLOWEEN, and today we have an ultra-cool horror video to share with ya.

Vimeo user Billy Kirkus has uploaded an "alternate first take opening" from the film that made Michael Myers synonymous with the haunting season. This is a bit of footage that I've never seen before and perhaps many of you haven't either. Kirkus writes...

Happy Halloween Everyone!  This is the first take of the opening to Halloween. This was the first time they tried shooting it, without the cuts that they did in take number 2. They only shot this whole scene twice. Notice all of the blue in the picture…completely toned down for the recent release of the movie on Bluray. Want to see more of the “Unseen Halloween?” Contact Trancas International Films and tell them you want to see the “Unseen Halloween.” Very Special Thanks to James G. Chandler and of course the wonderful Don May, Jr and Synapse Films.

Enjoy! And Happy Halloween!

Extra Tidbit: Happy Halloween!



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