Cool Horror Videos: Visit iconic Nightmare locations with Robert Englund

A Nightmare on Elm Street Robert Englund Heather Langenkamp

As a SoCal native and a lifelong NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET fan, there's nothing I love more than paying a visit to the Elm Street house. Although the franchise was set in Ohio, Nancy's iconic red-doored abode is actually located just one block away from L.A.'s bustling Sunset Boulevard. I thought I'd explored every aspect of every location of the film, but I was proved dead wrong by this fascinating video from JoBlo's "Where It Was Made" series.

This video, which explores in bloody detail every location from the classic original NIGHTMARE, is a trip down memory lane with horror icons Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger) and Heather Langenkamp (Nancy Thompson). They spill their guts about the secrets behind the flick's suburban setting.

It's fascinating to listen to these two talk about their time working on the film, but it's even cooler to see that the places where Freddy haunted the dreams of teenagers back in 1984 are still standing. If you live near L.A. or are planning a trip soon, take notes. There's your itinerary for a whole day right there! (Fun fact: Behind Langenkamp, you can see the model for Twisty the Clown's mouth from American Horror Story: Freak Show. AFX Studio, owned by her and her husband, is the special effects studio that worked on the show!)

Check it out below!

Extra Tidbit: What horror movie location would you love to visit?



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