Cool Horror Videos: Don't stray too far from this brutal sci-fi short Proximity

PROXIMITY is a brutally intense sci-fi/action short film from director Ryan Connolly who took a simple idea and turned into 11 minutes of awesome. Short films can be a tricky beast for directors, much like short stories are to writers because every minute counts, and Connolly doesn't waste a single second with PROXIMITY.

The set-up is quite simple as our leading character can't wander too far from the person next to him, otherwise their matching ankle bombs will blow their leg right the hell off. The problem? What if the guy you're paired with doesn't quite understand the concept and wants to get the hell away from you as quickly as possible. It's such an interesting idea and it really sets in motion a lot of cool action sequences. I think you guys are going to dig it, so check that shit out below!

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Source: Youtube



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