Cool Horror Videos: Key & Peele skewer Gremlins 2!

This isn't a "horror" sketch, per se, but it is a pitch perfect skewering of GREMLINS 2: THE NEW BATCH by dynamic duo Key & Peele, hence it must be seen by Mogwai-lovers everywhere.

Here we have an inside look at the GREMLINS 2 writers room, and it might finally answer some questions you have regarding some of the sequel's... zanier elements. Notably, all those silly gremlins that you probably loved when you were a kid but look at now with a hint of distaste. Turns out they were the work of Star Magic Jackson, Jr., The Hollywood Sequel Doctor. You know, the guy studios go to when they're about to drop a deuce.

It should be noted that while this makes fun of the sequel, it's clearly in good spirits, and even director Joe Dante is taking it light-heartedly, as evidenced by this tweet:


I still like GREMLINS 2 after all these years and I bet Key & Peele do, too. But whether you love the flick or hate it, this is gold. Watch and enjoy:


Extra Tidbit: Are you a fan of GREMLINS 2?
Source: Comedy Central



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