Cusack, De Niro & now Crispin Glover check into Motel, a seedy action thriller!

Cusack, De Niro and Crispin Glover? When and motherf*ckin' where???

While the when is still unknown, the where is MOTEL, a seedy action thriller the power acting trio are partaking in together. Word is Martin Klebba and Rebecca Da Costa (below) are also joining the boys in the cool sounding indie from Red Granite International.

To be directed by David Grovic, from a script by James Russo (since rewritten by he and Paul Conway):

MOTEL is described as a taut crime thriller centering on a hit man (Cusack) hired by an infamous crime boss (De Niro). To complete the job, the man must fight his way through a cast of other shadowy characters who have also been summoned by the mobster to a decrepit backwater motel in the delta bayous. When the man crosses back with a mysterious woman, they partner up to escape from the crime boss’ clutches and survive a night of murderous havoc.

De Niro and mobster are pretty much synonymous, so we're in good hands there. Cusack and Glover are both odd cats, always a pleasure to watch. Who knows, between the backwater setting, the mysterious woman and the murderous havoc, MOTEL could very well be worth checking into.

You down?

Extra Tidbit: Who'd win in a fight...Cusack, De Niro or Glover?
Source: THR



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