Darclight Films acquires horror thriller Full Moon

Arclight Films‘ genre label Darclight Films has acquired FULL MOON, an effects-driven horror movie to be directed by stuntman-turned-director Lauro Chartrand, says Deadline. Currently there are no plot details known but producer Daljit DJ Parmar says that "Lauro Chartrand brings his high-powered stunt and special effects team to achieve unsurpassed production value that moviegoers around the world have come to demand." It certainly sounds like they're aiming to bring a very special-effects driven horror film our way—hopefully it's of the practical effects variety as well. We could use a few more of those these days!

FULL MOON is set to go into production this year so we'll hopefully be learning a lot more about this mystery thriller in the near future. Nastasha Baron penned the FULL MOON script, and production companies include DreamChaser Productions and Original Entertainment. Daljit DJ Parmar and Chartrand will produce, and executive producer is Jennifer Esquivel.

We'll hook you guys up with more info on this one once we get it!

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite heavy practical effects-driven horror film?
Source: Deadline



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