Derby Street Films takes on gritty survivalist thriller Blood Mountain

Blood Mountain, Georgia

Although plot details are rather scant at this point, word has come in that Derby Street Films - an English upstart focusing on original content (imagine that) - has acquired Jonathan Stokes' 2011 Blacklisted spec script BLOOD MOUNTAIN...

Described as a gritty survival thriller with action elements, Derby Films made a six-figure pitch for the script, for which they'll now seek a director to realize. Got any suggestions that aren't too lofty?

A survival thriller with action elements immediately reminds me of THE GREY, but time will tell how accurate that comparison is. Either way, we're down with these types of flicks right, so I'm sure whatever the angle, it will have appeal. Am I way off base?

For those who care about such things, Shaun Redick and Ray Mansfield of Movie Package Co. are producing BLOOD MOUNTAIN alongside James Gibb of Cutting Edge.

Extra Tidbit: Derby Street is in production on its first feature, IN THE BLOOD, starring Gina Carano (above).
Source: Deadline



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