Devil Inside filmmakers reteam for untitled new horror flick shooting in Romania

The only thing surprising here is that's it not and outright DEVIL INSIDE sequel...

Deadline is reporting that the creative forces behind indie-hit THE DEVIL INSIDE - namely director William Brent Bell and co-scribe Matthew Peterman (both seen above) - already have a new horror feature in the works. Money talks, because if it were up to anyone other than avaricious Hollywood studios, these cats would be thrown in Film Jail and given a hefty, hefty sentence.

Currently untitled, the new film is said to take a similar technical approach (found-footage) to an age old horror mythology. Plot details beyond that are being kept shrouded, though we do know Brent Bell will helm the flick. Production is slated to begin in Romania this April.

Alright, let's open it up. We know THE DEVIL INSIDE outperformed...culling the 3rd highest opening January release ever. Talk to anybody, they'll say this film - the ending in particular - is downright deplorable. I know we shouldn't be surprised these guys are set to make another film, but should be happy they're at least avoiding a sequel for the time being? Is there a chance these dudes actually redeem themselves with this new effort? Is it possible?

Sophia Bush, star of Brent Bell's STAY ALIVE

Extra Tidbit: THE DEVIL INSIDE has a 6% freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Not good!
Source: Deadline



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