Digital series Dark/Web in the works from team behind Circle

Dark/Web Nicholas Brendon Circle

Black Mirror is so popular, its format is spreading across the web. Hulu is already deep into production on their sci-fi anthology series Dimension 404, and now we've got word on Dark/Web, a brand new sci-fi horror anthology digital series from the team behind the 2015 thriller CIRCLE.

From Felt Films:

The series is framed by the story a group of young adults living in a technologically connected near future in which everything, and every one, is online. When three of them become the target of cryptic emails from someone posing as their childhood friend Molly, they assume she’s been the victim of a hack, only to learn she’s been missing for months. Combining the anthology format with an overarching mystery, as the emails pile up, each one contains a tale ostensibly written by Molly, and clues are uncovered that may lead to her location.

The series will star Nicholas Brendon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Brian Elerding, Lana McKissack, Sibo Mlamba, Michael Nardelli, Rene Heger, Noemi Gonzales, and Siobhan Fallon Hogan.

The stand-alone segments will be written and directed by filmmakers including Zelda Williams (daughter of Robin Williams), Joshua Thurston, Roxy Shih, Boman Modine, Mario Miscione, and Michael Nardelli. Miscione, Nardelli, and Autumn Federici are producing.

Check out the poster below! It's pretty small, but it's currently the best available image. 

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Source: Deadline



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