Director Josh Ridgway announces new film Dead Weight

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There's some interesting genre action going on in the Dallas, Texas area, as I began to realize when watching the Dallas-lensed post-apocalyptic vampire movie DAYLIGHT'S END (pictured above). Not long after I reviewed that film, it was revealed that DAYLIGHT'S END star Lance Henriksen had shot another genre movie while he was in Dallas, director Josh Ridgway's MAD MAX homage THE SECTOR. I was already familiar with Ridgway's name, as he is the director of a film I'm looking forward to with great anticipation, the werewolf biker movie HOWLERS (which was also made in Dallas).

While we wait to hear the HOWLERS release plans, Ridgway is moving forward with his next directorial project - which happens to be a collaboration with DAYLIGHT'S END writer Chad Law.

Ridgway took to his Facebook account to announce that he will be directing a film titled DEAD WEIGHT, with production scheduled to begin this summer in Texas. The title and the fact that the screenplay has been written by Chad Law and Evan Law are the only bits of information that Ridgway could reveal at this point, but that's enough to get me interested.

Helping boost my interest even further is the artwork that Michael Schubert has created for the project. I am very intrigued...

We'll keep you updated as further details on DEAD WEIGHT come to light.

Extra Tidbit: Have you seen DAYLIGHT'S END or THE SECTOR?
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