Do you want to see Sinister 2? It may happen..

My favorite horror film of 2012 was indisputably Scott Derrickson's menacing and scary SINISTER, and I know I'm not alone. Horror films that actually frighten me don't come along very often, so when one does it must be celebrated. I liked it so much that I'm of the mind that a sequel is necessary; I want to see more Mr. Boogie, pronto.

Naturally, it's likely one will come along. Budgeted at $3 million, SINISTER grossed $62 million worldwide and it hasn't even entered the home video market yet (that happens in a few weeks). So what's the status of SINISTER? UK site SciFi Now spoke with Derrickson and his writing partner C. Robert Cargill and got the scoop.

"I certainly want to write the script and be involved with it as the producer – I would possibly direct the next one, we’ll see," Derrickson told the site. “But I don’t see myself just handing the franchise over to just anybody and letting it go... If it goes on – then maybe – but I want to see it start its process on the right foot at least, and always have some say and have some involvement in it.”

Cargill added: “Before we finished the movie Scott and I had a discussion about the things we don’t want to do, and spitballed just a couple of things that we would like to do given the opportunity, but it’s all still theoretical stages – ‘Oh, hey, wouldn’t that be cool’ – everyone’s still waiting to see on the lifecycle of the movie how everything pans out before everybody jumps up and says, ‘Yes! We must have a second one!’”

So while it doesn't seem imminent, it looks like the boys are mulling it over. And why not? The very nature of the villain indicates that several movies are possible. And if they're as effective as the first one, hell, I'm all for it. Read the interview in its entirety HERE.

SINISTER comes home on February 19th. Pre-order the Blu-ray HERE or the DVD HERE.

Extra Tidbit: How would you feel about a SINISTER 2 coming to life?
Source: SciFi Now



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