Documentary Hostage to the Devil explores the life of an exorcist

Jesuit priest Father Malachi Martin wrote many novels and non-fiction books in his life, among them the "controversial non-fiction bestseller" Hostage to the Devil: The Possession and Exorcism of Five Contemporary Americans, first published in 1976. For over five years, director Marty Stalker has been working on a documentary on the life of Martin, who passed away in 1999, and he has chosen to name the documentary after Martin's literary hit.

Produced by Irish company Causeway Pictures, HOSTAGE TO THE DEVIL 

examines age old questions about the existence of the Devil and the debate over good VS evil, all through the life of a controversial Irish-born Jesuit priest, Fr Malachi Martin.

Using first person-interviews with paranormal royalty such as Lorraine Warren, Ralph Sarchie and John Zaffis, along with dramatic reconstructions, archival evidence and words straight from Martin, this spine-chilling documentary takes the audience on a journey through an extraordinary life; marked by battles against the Vatican, scandal, contention and most of all, a deep and all-encompassing belief in the theory and practice of exorcism.  

The film explains in graphic detail the process and outcomes of such an ordeal, including the horrifying case study of a four year old girl, whom Fr Martin assessed as requiring exorcism- this was to be the last case he was involved in before he died in mysterious circumstances.

The documentary is expected to be released sometime later this year, and a trailer is available online that gives a sense of what's Stalker's work has in store for viewers. 

This seems like it's going to be one creepy and intense watch. As a horror-loving child, nothing could frighten and disturb me as much as a movie with a story that dealt with demonic forces, and if I had seen this trailer when I was a kid it would have scared the hell out of me. No pun intended.

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