Dracula sinking his teeth into TV? NBC orders operatic new soap series?

Yeah, I can already tell this is a bad idea...

Deadline is reporting that NBC is set to refashion the age old Dracula mythology, ordering a new "script-to-series" TV show for both U.S. and international audiences. Word is the series, tentatively titled "Dracula" (I know, imaginative) will be a large operatic style soap, with producers Tony Krantz and Colin Callender overseeing the project.

With Cole Haddon penning - "Dracula" new series will be set in the 1890s, and is described as “Dangerous Liaisons meets The Tudors” and as a big, sweeping international soap opera that is young, sexy and supernatural.

Much like NBC's "Hannibal," the deal for "Dracula" includes a script order...and if the studio likes it, no pilot episode will be needed, the show will go straight to a 13 episode series.

Alright, let's count the ways this is a bad idea. One, vampires are more played out than Tebowing. Two, a soap opera? Three, it's NBC, so you know it has to be tamed down for family viewers. Four, a f*cking soap opera? This might actually make "True Blood" seem watchable in comparison. Wow.

What are your thoughts on this development?

Monica Bellucci appeared in Coppola's DRACULA, remember?

Extra Tidbit: Any way you see this shite working?
Source: Deadline



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