Drew Goddard, not Damon Lindelof, hired by Paramount to rewrite World War Z ending

Damon Lindelof or Drew Goddard...who's a better writer?

If your answer was the former, perhaps you aren't too worried about all the negative press regarding Marc Forster's zombie epidemic WORLD WAR Z. If you favor the latter, perhaps your outlook is even more positive.

You see, Deadline has it that Drew Goddard (above) - not Damon Lindelof - is responsible for the bulk of rewriting on WWZ, in particular the end of the script. Lindelof was reported to have been brought in, but with his hectic schedule (STAR TREK 2 etc.), he punted a concept for the films finale off to his "Lost" pal Goddard (CABIN IN THE WOODS) to actually do the scripting. Thing is, even though the film is still shooting, yet another scribe may be hired to flesh out the ending once and for all. In fact, while nothing's official, Chris McQuarrie's name has been bandied about.

So, to accommodate the new ending, reshoots will have to take place...never a good sign for an already beleaguered production. Still, with the pedigree of Lindelof, Goddard and even McQuarrie, we should rest assured the ending will get sorted out. Of course, citing PROMETHEUS' ending, which Lindelof worked on, would counter the argument.

To make way for reshoots, Paramount moved WWZ from December of this year to June 21, 2013.

WWZ star Mireille Enos

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Source: Deadline



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