Early artwork for Eden Lodge is eerily familiar

Currently being shopped around at EFM in Berlin is a new slasher titled EDEN LODGE, which is coming to us from Lost Boy Pictures, and we've got the first bit of artwork to share with you.

Coming from writer-director Andreas Prodromou, EDEN LODGE stars Aggy Kukawka, Cyd Casados, Ivy Corbin and Ben Gardner Gray and has the simple logline "the people they meet are being killed one by one. They must fight to save their marriage, their family, and most of all their lives."

Over to the right and below you'll see some early art for EDEN LODGE, which is not to be confused with EDEN LOG or EDEN LAKE, but please don't tell that to whoever designed this poster art. It is eerily reminiscent of the EDEN LAKE artwork, down to the shadowy baddies in the blue-tinted forest. Not saying that EDEN LODGE won't be a fun little flick, but c'mon...a little originality in the poster department wouldn't hurt!

You can get a bigger look at the early art for EDEN LODGE below, followed by the familiar art for EDEN LAKE. You be the judge.

Extra Tidbit: What do you think of the similarities between the EDEN LODGE and EDEN LAKE posters? Hopefully the art is the only thing they'll have in common.



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