Eighth season of "Dexter" will be his last

Can't wait for "Dexter" season 7? Here's some news that might get you even more stoked. The show's executive producer Sara Colleton sat down with TV Guide for an informative, if somewhat spoilerific interview. Apart from discussing further story developments and new cast members, possibly the most interesting piece of information was given by Colleton when asked if the upcoming two seasons will end the series for good:

"This was definite. We wanted to end it this year, but the network convinced us that it would be best to do it in two years. In some ways, this is a two-season series-ender. We have worked that out and know where it's going to end. Next year will definitely be the last year of Dexter. Absolutely."

"Dexter" will return for his seventh season on September 30th with a cast that includes Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, Desmond Harrington, James Remar, David Zayas, C.S. Lee, Ray Stevenson, Katia Winter, Matt Gerald, Lauren Velez, Yvonne Strahovski (below) and possibly Calista Flockhart.


Extra Tidbit: Would you be down for season 9, or are eight seasons enough?
Source: TV Guide



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