Emily Alyn Lind causes trouble for The Babysitter

13-year-old actress Emily Alyn Lind has joined the cast of director McG's THE BABYSITTER, which is currently filming in Los Angeles.

Scripted by Brian Duffield and starring Samara Weaving as the babysitter herself and Judah Lewis as her 12-year-old charge, THE BABYSITTER

follows a young boy and his babysitter on a night where things go very wrong, with the boy learning a few lessons about life, love and murder along the way.

Lind is said to be playing a character named Melanie, "whose interest in the babysitter's personal life plays a role in the night going belly up."

I remain very intrigued to find out what sort of horror is at work in this film. What is the babysitter's secret?

Lind's previous credits include Gaspar Noé's ENTER THE VOID, THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT 2: GHOSTS OF GEORGIA, Bryan Bertino's MOCKINGBIRD, and HIDDEN (2015), so she is no stranger to the genre.

Also in the cast of THE BABYSITTER are Robbie Amell, Andrew "KingBach" Bachelor, Hana Mae Lee, and Bella Thorne.

Samara Weaving

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