Erin Cummings, Ethan Embry join Adrian Garcia Bogliano's werewolf tale Late Phases

Back in early February we shared the news that STAKE LAND star Nick Damici had joined the cast of MPI/Dark Sky Films upcoming werewolf thriller LATE PHASES, which is currently shooting in New York under the direction of Adrian Garcia Bogliano. Today we can share that two more names have joined the growing cast list.

Our brothers-in-blood over at Shock Till You Drop dropped the news that BITCH SLAP star Erin Cummings and CHEAP THRILL's Ethan Embry have joined the cast of Bogliano's first English-language project, which will tell the story of...

Ambrose McKinley, who moves into a community where the residents have been dying in increasing numbers - oddly, all have supposedly been the victims of dog attacks. But after barely surviving his own attack on his first night there, Ambrose discovers that the assailants are much more than canines.

Cummings and Embry will play a married couple in the film, which was penned by Eric Stolze.

MPI's Dark Sky, who is co-producing LATE PHASES with Zak Zeman's Site B Productions, has also announced that they will bring on Glass Eye Pix. Previous Dark Sky and Glass Eye collaborations include successful genre films such as THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL, STAKE LAND, THE INNKEEPERS and others. Zak Zeman comes in fresh off the heels of his Sundance success with S-VHS.

Extra Tidbit: It's been too long since we've had a decent werewolf flick. Hopefully LATE PHASES will make werewolves scary again!
Source: STYD



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