Evil finds a way in dino-zombie movie The Jurassic Dead

The Jurassic Dead Milko Davis

As if the dinosaurs of the JURASSIC PARK / JURASSIC WORLD franchise weren't scary enough already, director Milko Davis is enhancing the fright factor with his film THE JURASSIC DEAD, in which the concept of rampaging dinos gets blended with the zombie sub-genre. Here people won't be getting chased by just a regular T-Rex, it's a T-Rex that turns everyone it attacks into a zombie. A Z-Rex!

Written by Michele Pacitto, THE JURASSIC DEAD has the following synopsis: 

A unit of mercenaries must team up with a group of tech-geek students after America is struck with an EMP attack. Deep in the desert, they find the source of the terror, a mad scientist who has also just created a living dead T-Rex dinosaur, one who turns everyone it attacks into a zombie. Now they must scramble to stay alive and save the planet from the ultimate undead predator.

Yep, I would gladly watch that.

Matt Block, Wes Clark, Julie Crisante, and professional bodybuilder Andy Haman star in the film, which Wild Eye Releasing is planning to release this summer - coinciding with the release of "that other JURASSIC movie".

A trailer for THE JURASSIC DEAD can be seen below. I think most people who are going to watch this one were (like myself) already sold on it by the title and synopsis, but after watching the trailer I'm even more anxious to see it.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be watching THE JURASSIC DEAD?



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