Exclusive Clip from horror comedy Patchwork feels no pain

Patchwork James Phelps Tyler MacIntyre

After making the festival rounds and generating good word of mouth from screenings at events such as Toronto After Dark, Screamfest, and Fantaspoa, director Tyler MacIntyre's horror comedy PATCHWORK is now available for viewing through VOD and iTunes.

Starring James Phelps of the Harry Potter series, along with  Tory Stolper, Tracey Fairaway, and Maria Blasucci, the film tells the following story: 

After a night on the town, Jennifer, Ellie, and Madeleine awake to find themselves stitched together into the same body. Determined to find out what happened to them and who is responsible, they set out on a madcap quest for revenge.

So the basic set-up is something along the lines of a Frankenstein tale, but the twist here is that the three women who have been stitched together into this patchwork creature are all still conscious and communicating with each other within their shared mind.

We have an EXCLUSIVE CLIP to share from PATCHWORK that shows how MacIntyre brought this idea to the screen, and it is quite clever and amusing.

If you like what you see in this clip, head over to iTunes or your VOD source of choice and give PATCHWORK a viewing.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be watching PATCHWORK?



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