Exclusive: David Del Rio to direct Sick for Toys, produced by JimmyO!

David Del Rio

Earlier this month, the horror film THE HARVESTERS, which was co-produced by our own James Andrew Oster (a.k.a. JimmyO), made its world premiere in Los Angeles. Thirteen days later we have reached the holiday that THE HARVESTERS is set on, and we can now EXCLUSIVELY reveal some details on the next project Oster will be producing: SICK FOR TOYS

SICK FOR TOYS is also set on a holiday, this time Christmas, and the tale of yuletide terror is described as a psychological nightmare that "will have you wondering just what is waiting for you this year under the tree. Christmas lights will be on display, stockings will be hung and Emilia and Edward will make sure that you are most welcome to spend time in their twisted family home."

A collaboration between La Luna Films, Nine Ten Films, and Delco-Cut Productions, SICK FOR TOYS is being produced by Oster, Israel Luna, Jon Paul Burkhart, and Justin Xavier. Oster also co-wrote the screenplay with Xavier.

The story: 

Every year for Christmas, Emilia gets the same gift from her brother Edward. This year when she wants something more, the siblings will discover that even your favorite toys always tend to break. Sick For Toys is a nightmarish family holiday thriller, one that will twist and turn itself under your skin until its disturbingly creepy final act.

SICK FOR TOYS will mark the feature directoral debut of actor David Del Rio (pictured above), whose credits include PITCH PERFECT, Grease Live!, and Greg McLean's upcoming thriller THE BELKO EXPERIMENT. David Gunning will be playing the male lead in the film, and is joined in the cast by Burkhart and Xavier. 

Oster had this to say about the film: "We wanted to craft a story that is unusual in the genre, something unexpected and genuinely scary. To create a modern tale of terror that will have people talking was always our goal."

Production on SICK FOR TOYS begins in January of 2017.

Sick for Toys

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