Exclusive: First look at Gonzalo Lopez's giallo-inspired Dolorosa Gioia

Dolorosa Gioia Gonzalo Lopez

EMBRION director Gonzalo Lopez's DOLOROSA GIOIA, a thriller with heavy Brian DePalma and giallo influences, is about to start making the festival rounds, and today we have an EXCLUSIVE first look at some images from the film, along with its poster.

Written by Lopez, DOLOROSA GIOIA tells the following story: 

Carlo, a young music composer from a wealthy family, is going through an emotional crisis. When he moves to a new house he recalls the events and factors that led to his condition: the moment he met Maria, his first marriage, his obsession with music, infidelity and the consequences of it. While the past returns in the form of memories, Carlo fights to recover his life and desire to compose music...

Lopez had this to say about his film: 

Dolorosa gioia tells the story of the tragic life of Renaissance music composer Carlo Gesualdo, although the story is set in the present. Given the cultivated subject matter of the film we have decided not to use dialogue to strengthen the universality of the story and to enable the blending of cinema and music to take center stage, through greater prominence of both, as the main narrators. In that way, images and music are the universal language used and therefore understood by everyone without the need for subtitles.

DOLOROSA GIOIA stars Amiran Winter, Paula Célières, and Cristian Monasterio.

Check out the images in this article, then watch for DOLOROSA GIOIA to start showing up on festival schedules soon.

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