Exclusive Trailer: Los Angeles is hit by a Tsunambee


Humankind has survived the wrath of multiple SHARKNADOs in recent years, but do we have what it takes to survive a TSUNAMBEE?

We'll find out when Wild Eye Releasing puts TSUNAMBEE out on DVD and VOD in late spring this year, but judging by the film's trailer, which we can EXCLUSIVELY share with you today, it looks like the titular disaster is going to be a hell of an ordeal to endure. Especially when zombies of some sort get added into the mix.

How do you end up with a TSUNAMBEE? The synopsis explains:

After atmospheric catastrophes send Los Angeles into chaos, three groups of survivors who escaped the city must put aside their differences to face a series of apocalyptic events. As they learn to work together they are faced with an even greater nightmare, giant gravity swells that contain thousands of giant killer bees, intent on ushering in the end of the world.

Check out the trailer below, and brace yourselves for the arrival of TSUNAMBEE within the next few months.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be watching TSUNAMBEE?



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