EXCLUSIVE: Trailer premiere for Dust Of War starring Tony Todd and Doug Jones

Today we have an absolute treat for you readers, so get ready, it’s a good one!

We have the exclusive trailer premiere for writer/director Andrew Kightlinger’s DUST OF WAR! The film was shot earlier last year in South Dakota; the small budget film is being described as a ‘love letter to sci-fi adventures of yore’. The trailer is a visual delight, boasting some stunning shots and fantastic cinematography, it is a must see! For me it has a real MAD MAX sort of vibe, and that is a good thing! Check it out below along with the cast list and synopsis.

Described by its director as “Mad Max bitch slapping Terrence Malick,” Dust of War rampages through a post-apocalyptic American Frontier as a lone soldier fends off a brutal warmonger to rescue a girl fated as the savior of humanity. Our hero joins forces with a cynical war veteran and a slimy Peter Lorre-type to bring the girl to safety, encountering mysterious invaders, unmarked minefields, and traveling showmen along the way.

The film features the acting talents of Tony Todd, Doug Jones, Gary Graham, Steven Luke, Jordan McFadden, Bates Wilder, David Midthunder, Hank Ostendorf, Tristan Barnard, Wade Dienert, Paul Guggenheimer, Paul Cram, Jasper Morgan and Fiddlin’ Tom Carlson.

DUST OF WAR is currently awaiting a release for sometime this year. Support the film by checking out their official Facebook Page HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Out of all the recent trailers I have seen, this is easily one of the best edited ones! Nice job!



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