Fear Street movie scares up a screenwriter

Seems like we've been reporting a lot on the upcoming FEAR STREET movie the last few days. You just never know what film is going to rush into production next. Like I've said, I'm a FEAR STREET fan - or more specifically, I was as a kid - so I'm more than happy to share any and all FEAR STREET news that comes our way.

Case in point, The Tracking board reported this morning that the new film (which may be the first of many) has snagged itself a screenwriter in the form of Kyle Killen.

Killen, who was no doubt hired because of the pun-possibilities of his last name (I'm looking at you, Marc Web) has been hired to write the script for the new film. Killen has some genre background in the road-side flick SCENIC ROUTE, and also a hand in the "WTF" genre for penning the Mel Gibson talks through a beaver puppet motion picture, THE BEAVER.

Hard to say if Killen will go more "down and dirty" ala SCENIC ROUTE for the FEAR STREET film, or more "this is some sill sh*t" ala THE BEAVER. Again, not sure which he'll channel.

But I think I might be willing to place a bet...

FEAR STREET is based on a series of teen-horror novels by R. L. Stine (GOOSEBUMPS) in the 90's.

Extra Tidbit: The first Fear Street book, THE NEW GIRL, was published in 1989.
Source: Tracking Board



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