Fear the Walking Dead featurette introduces you to the apocalypse

Who's excited for Fear the Walking Dead?! That's actually a semi-serious question; I can't quite gauge the anticipation level for this show at the moment. The buzz seems to be fairly subdued, but perhaps I'm not on the same page as everyone else. I'm sure the season premiere will be a hit for AMC, but will it bring in as huge of an audience as The Walking Dead does week after week?

Questions to be considered as we approach its unveiling, for sure. Until then, we're going to keep digging into the spin-off/prequel. Today we bring you a new, fairly in-depth featurette that takes a peek inside the new series. You'll hear from plenty of the big players, like producers Gale Anne Hurd and Dave Erickson, as well as cast members Kim Dickens and Cliff Curtis. Also, you'll see glimpses of never-before-seen scenes, so it's definitely worth your 5 minutes.

Fear the Walking Dead premieres on AMC August 23rd.

Source: AMC



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