First Look: Netflix & Green Room director's Hold the Dark

It's very rare to genuinely name a recent(ish) film as one of your favorite films of all time, but it's happened to me within the last few years as director Jeremy Saulnier's GREEN ROOM is now on that list for me. I've shown the film to countless friends and sat with them throughout it. And this film has yet to lose its power in my eyes.

And so you can imagine that I keep my eyes wide open for news regarding Saulnier and what might be his next move as director. First, it was the third season of TRUE DETECTIVE - then it wasn't... And now we have your first look at his new movie HOLD THE DARK starring Jeffrey Wright and Alexander Skarsgård.

The first look pic features Skarsgård as Keelut-dweller Vernon Sloane alongside Beckham Crawford as his son Bailey. You can check out the image below from the film that Saulnier says:

This film has so many firsts for me. It has my record number of intimate dialogue scenes and my highest body count. It has my first war scene, my first aerial sequence, my first time working extensively with animals. So in that regard, it was a huge challenge.

Highest body count?! I'm there. No worries to bother me with a trailer or a poster or anything of that nature. I'm there, Netflix. Hurry up September 28th. The Netflix original stars Wright as 

wolf expert Russell Core who ventures to the Alaskan village of Keelut when three children go missing – assumed to be the work of lupine activity.

The film arrives on Netflix on September 28th.

Extra Tidbit: Saulnier also directed the must-see flick BLUE RUIN.
Source: Empire



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