First trailer, poster and clips from the indie chiller Truth sneak up on you

Slashers and zombie flicks are all well and good, but sometimes you just want to watch a genuinely tense, scary movie in the vein of Hitchcock or Polanski. Well, if director J.S. Johnson is to be believed, his latest independent feature TRUTH is exactly that. And apparently also "an experiment in modern horror" and "a look into the darkest parts of human beings". Alrighty then. You can check out the poster, trailer and two lengthy clips from the film below.

An estranged couple on a weekend retreat are pushed further apart when the wife, Becca, becomes romantically fascinated with the journal of the cabin's long-dead former owner. When the ghost of the old owner appears and reciprocates Becca's feelings, the web of betrayals and untruths between Becca and her husband begins to unravel.

TRUTH stars Michelle Sabiene, Benjamin Hanson and Michel Duran. The movie doesn't have a US release date so far. You can check out its official website HERE.

Extra Tidbit: TRUTH is J.S. Johnson's feature length directorial debut.



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