LeatherFace-Off: R.A. Mihailoff Vs. Andrew Bryniarski

The decision seemed to be split right down the center with our last Face-Off. Many felt that Christopher Lee was the epitome of Dracula with his brilliant performances in so many Hammer films. However, a large amount also stated that Gary Oldman's excellent portrayal was so downright scary that he deserved the W for only appearing in a single film. All I know is that nobody's opinions sucked.

Today's Face-Off pays homage to a horror legend celebrating his 40th anniversary this year. You might say he's a man of many faces and is a big believer in family. He's also quite handy with a chainsaw. Yes, ol' Leatherface is turnin' 40, but still seems to be only getting stronger in terms of horror status. He's been sequalized, prequalized, remade and remade over again! And today, he is being Face-Offed! We picked two similarly matched incarcerations and threw them in the battle arena below. Who will come out the winner, Texas Chainsaw III's R.A. Mihailoff or Texas Chainsaw remake's Andrew Bryniarski? Let's get it on!

Mihailoff's mask has a very raw, moldy look to it. I like how it gives a pretty good impression of rotted flesh with a touch of fresh blood stains. Super creepy shit! His greasy, grimy hair works really well too. The combination of mask and hair makes for a menacing, animalistic appearance. The mud-covered button down shirt and tie add nicely to his unkemptness.
Bryniarski’s mask kind of has the appearance of an angry old man. The thick stitching across the forehead also calls to mind Frankenstein. The most frightening features about it would have to be the darkened eye holes and snarling mouth. His hair kind of reminds me of Bill Murray’s in Ghostbusters (if that makes any sense). The messy butcher’s apron is definitely a nice touch of horror fashion sense.
Chainsaw Weilding
Mihailoff’s saw seems somewhat regular-sized in part III (until he gets the souped up one from King Aragorn), but size shouldn't always matter, right? He does quite adeptly chainsaw the back of a car, including its windshield. Although he should work a bit on his grip because Ken Foree does knock it right out of his hands. Still, when it comes to jabbing that humming chain of blades into someone, R.A. is a-ok.
Mr. Bryniarksi's saw is a behemoth! I heard one of the main reasons he got the part was because he was the only actor that could actually pick it up with a sense of ease. And once those blades are up and running, damn, does he ever do some damage! He cuts through the roof of a van like it's made of melted butter. The only time he drops it is when his f*cking arm gets hacked off. Hell, he even hits a speeding car with it and still holds on!
Best Kill
Leatherface catches up with a girl captive that had recently escaped the "family". First he grabs her by the neck and effectively chokes her into near unconsciousness. Once immobilized, he expertly sets his saw in motion by stabbing its tip directly into her gut, spraying blood all over the place.
So, Leatherface descends upon the whiny, four-eyed geek who has just escaped the "family" with his hands still tied. He grabs the captive inside this old house and hangs him up on this chandelier by his tied hands. The psycho then proceeds to lift his chainsaw up through him, starting at the crotch. It's the most cringe-inducing kill in the franchise.
Mihailoff's Leatherface definitely displays some big time muscle here. He actually rips a trunk off a car with ease. That's damn impressive. He also quickly and easily overpowers a dude in the family that insults him. Dragging bodies across long treks through the woods also seems to be no problem for his hulking frame.
Brysinarski's large stature definitely seems quite capable of manhandling any victim to cross his path. And that he basically does. Whether it's by implementing blunt force trauma or swinging that gigantic chainsaw. However besides that, he doesn't display an further demonstrations of great, brute strength, which is a tad surprising.
Mihailoff's Leatherface actually does display hints of intelligence. He clearly knows when he's being insulted by the way he handles the dude with the hook hand that burns his Walkman. He also is able to appreciate music, hence the Walkman. Lastly, there is a great scene with a little Speak and Spell-type computer where he’s looking to further his education. He learned to read and write!
Okay, Brysinarski's Leatherface possesses enough intelligence to use a sewing machine and keep victim's hostage. He also isn't bad at tracking people who have escaped, however he does end up getting his arm chopped off by Jessica Biel's character. I will say that he's smart enough to stay hidden as the authorities had no idea he was still around when they were searching his home.
R.A. Mihailoff
Well, that was certainly one hell of a battle! I'd expect nothing less from the master that is Leatherface. And part III's R.A. Mihailoff pulled off (what I consider to be) the upset! I liked the remake better than Part III, but that means nothing now in terms of this LeatherFace-Off! I'm definitely curious to hear what you and the crazy 'Saw fans feel. So post your bullets below on which Leatherface you think deserves to be the victor. And feel free to send any future Face-Off ideas to me at [email protected].



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