Fox passes on Shawn Levy's Frankenstein because of sky-rocketing budget

It's been a while since we've heard anything regarding Shawn Levy's FRANKENSTEIN film and apparently for good reason - the thing has been shelved!

The last update we got on this shite came back in October and everything seemed fine. Now in an article over at NY Mag's Vulture about a new comedy Levy is tackling with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson comes the news that FRANKENSTEIN has indeed been shelved. Apparently when Fox saw Levy's remake was going to cost somewhere around $80 million they decided to pass. Alright so maybe that's not exactly 'sky-rocketing' but it's still large enough it seems. Bummer.

So there goes that. It's not like there isn't twenty other FRANKENSTEIN flicks in the works though so no worries there. It would've been nice to see a big-budget remake involving the classic monster though...

So what says you guys? You bummed at this news? Stoked? Spit some bullets below and let us know what you think! We'll keep our eyes open for anything and everything FRANKENSTEIN related and will bring you every update that comes our way.

Extra Tidbit: Shawn Levy most recently brought us the boxing robot flick REAL STEEL, which stars the gorgeous Evangeline Lilly (above).
Source: NY Mag



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