Freddie Stroma to encounter The Visitors for The Vicious Brothers

Who doesn't love a good darker-themed alien flick? I know I'm a sucker for 'em! It looks like we have another one coming our way that we'll be keeping a close eye on as The Vicious Brothers (who brought us GRAVE ENCOUNTERS and its sequel) will be bringing us another encounter...only of the third kind this time!

Deadline is reporting that HARRY POTTER actor Freddie Stroma has been cast in THE VISITORS, a new indie feature from The Vicious Brothers that is being described as...

a dark and edgy sci-fi thriller that revolves around a group of friends on a weekend trip to a cabin in the woods. There, they are terrorized by alien visitors who definitely have not come in peace.

Once again, people, haven't you learned that cabins in the woods are a bad idea for a weekend of fun and debauchary? It never ends well.

Randy Manis, Kim Arnott, Shawn Angelski, and Martin Fisher are producing and filming is set to start up at the end of June. We'll be keeping you updated on this one as we hear it.

The Vicious Brothers

Extra Tidbit: Did you dig The Vicious Brothers' GRAVE ENCOUNTERS films?
Source: Deadline



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