Ghost sex goes bad in the teaser for Lace Crater

Not too long ago, pop singer Ke$ha made some waves with an interview in which she said she has had sexual experience with the supernatural, specifically with a ghost whose name she never learned. Now writer/director Harrison Atkins has made a film entitled LACE CRATER that should serve as a strong warning that a sexual relationship with a ghost is not something to take lightly.

Lindsay Burdge stars in this cautionary tale:

During a drug-fueled weekend with friends, Ruth has a one-night stand with a ghost. Soon after, she begins to feel a bit... strange.

The cast also includes Peter Vack, Jennifer Kim, Andrew Ryder, Chase Williamson, Keith Poulson, Joe Swanberg, and William Nadylam.

LACE CRATER made its premiere yesterday at the Toronto International Film Festival, with a second screening scheduled for Sunday at 3:15pm. In anticipation of the film's premiere, a teaser trailer has been released online and can be viewed below. At first, it just seems like a quirky comedy, but then things get dark.

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