Ghostbusters 2016 director on why the film wasn't a hit

I didn't hate director Paul Feig's recent GHOSTBUSTERS reboot. Sure it wasn't great, but I still had some chuckles and delighted in seeing the cameos and old tools back in play. Especially Slimer.

While GHOSTBUSTERS (2016) will over time be labeled (fairly) as merely forgettable, director Paul Feig still sees the film's "failure" as a huge regret in his life. But he thinks he knows what hampered its success.

While talking with Cinema Blend recently, Feig dropped some of his own thoughts on why the reboot wasn't nearly as successful as the original film, and his reasons make a bit of sense.

Paul Feig on GHOSTBUSTERS (2016):

I think it kind of hampered us a little bit because the movie became so much of a cause. I think for some of our audience, they were like, 'What the fuck? We don't wanna go to a cause. We just wanna watch a fuckin' movie.' ... It was a great regret in my life that the movie didn't do better, 'cause I really loved it. It's not a perfect movie. None of my movies are perfect. I liked what we were doing with it. It was only supposed to be there to entertain people.

Fair enough. I mean he is the flick's director so if he says he thinks this is why the movie failed to catch on in a big way, so be it. Personally, I thought Kate McKinnon became a star with that sandwich song.

Anyhow, what did you think of the reboot of GHOSTBUSTERS? Do you agree with Feig on why the movie wasn't a massive hit? Make sure to hit us up and let us know in the comments below or on social media.

GHOSTBUSTER (2016) synopsis:

Following a ghost invasion of Manhattan, paranormal enthusiasts Erin Gilbert and Abby Yates, nuclear engineer Jillian Holtzmann, and subway worker Patty Tolan band together to stop the otherworldly threat.

You buy the film on Blu-ray HERE and the original classic HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Paul Feig swears like he was in a Rob Zombie movie.
Source: Cinema Blend



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