Ghostbusters 3 delayed yet again; is the film still in trouble?

We should have known it wouldn't last. After the news that GHOSTBUSTERS III was targeting a summer 2013 start date, it appeared as though the long-delayed sequel was finally ready to get underway (Bill Murray not included). Well son, stop the presses, because those ghostbustin' boys have hit another snag.

In an article over at The Hollywood Reporter profiling Sony Chief Exec Kaz Hirai and the troubles that are plaguing Sony Pictures Entertainment, we find the following tidbit:

Any decision on Ghostbusters III, the long-, long-gestating sequel, has been postponed until the end of March -- this after Men in Black 3 writer Etan Cohen was paid a huge sum for a script. Shooting was to begin next summer but now couldn’t start before fall at the earliest.

Not a stoplight, per se, but just another roadblock in the way of the film's production. We've waited several years to see GHOSTBUSTERS III get rolling, what's another handful of months, right?

Extra Tidbit: Does this GHOSTBUSTERS 3 news concern you, or are you confidant it will get made? (Or do you not give a fudge?)
Source: THR



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