Go to Hell with Doom: Annihilation trailer

Last week we passed along some first look stills from Universal's all-new movie based on the popular video game series DOOM. You can go ahead and check those out HERE if you missed them. The flick is called DOOM: ANNIHILATION. and today we have your first look at the trailer via our buddies over at BD. Check it below.

This new DOOM feature was rumored to be a direct sequel to the original 2005 flick featuring The Rock and Karl Urban but have since been proven to be more of a reboot from the ground up. Here’s the official synopsis for DOOM: ANNIHILATION which follows

A group of space marines as they respond to a distress call from a base on a Martian moon, only to discover it’s been overrun by demonic creatures who threaten to create Hell on Earth.

The film is written and directed by Tony Giglio (S.W.A.T.: UNDER SIEGE) and it stars Amy Manson (ATLANTIS), Dominic Mafham (OPHELIA), Luke Allen-Gale (DOMINION), and Nina Bergman (THE CAR: ROAD TO REVENGE). Jeffery Beach (JARHEAD 3: THE SIEGE), Phillip Roth (DEATH RACE: BEYOND ANARCHY) and Ogden Gavanski (CULT OF CHUCKY) produced and Lorenzo Di Bonaventura (TRANSFORMERS) and John Wells (ANIMAL KINGDOM) are the movie's executive producers. Universal 1440 Entertainment is currently planning to unleash the new movie in Fall 2019.

Are you up for another live-action DOOM? Let us know below!

Source: B-D



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