Godzilla may sport multiple looks in Godzilla Resurgence

Yesterday, we shared some lo-res images of the Godzilla suit being used for the 29th film in the franchise from Japan's Toho Studios, GODZILLA RESURGENCE. Godzilla was looking quite unusual in these pictures; red wounds covering his body, an arm withered, exposed muscles; leading fans to speculate why exactly his appearance was so strange. Is it simply a re-design in attempt to make him look scarier than ever? Or might we see Godzilla regenerate from some devastating battle damage at some point in the film?

It sounds like the regeneration theory may be accurate, as Evan Saathoff over at Birth.Movies.Death. has heard that Godzilla will actually have three different looks over the course of GODZILLA RESURGENCE. When he first arrives on screen in the film, he will be sporting this wounded and withered look, but as the running time goes on we'll see his appearance gradually change. The third and final look will bring him back to something closer to the Godzilla we all know and love.

Even if Godzilla doesn't sport the gruesome look seen in the images for the whole movie, co-directors Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi have aimed to make their take on the iconic monster as terrifying as possible. 

Anno and Higuchi's horrific Godzilla will be reaching theatre screens, alongside human co-stars Hiroki Hasegawa, Yutaka Takenouchi, and Satomi Ishihara, when GODZILLA RESURGENCE is released in Japan on July 29th.

Extra Tidbit: Do you want to see Godzilla regenerating?



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