Godzilla's main nemesis in reboot revealed?

No, that's not Godzilla's new arch-enemy up top... but it could be a distant relative.

When I saw footage from Gareth Edwards' GODZILLA remake at this past summer's San Diego Comic-Con, the most exciting part for me was that it confirmed once and for all that the big guy would be squaring off against other monsters in the epic sci-fi film. Very good news for those of us who love nothing more than a big old giant monster mash.

In the footage, it was hinted that Godzilla would be pitted against a gigantic praying mantis-type creature (at least that's what I see in my memory, but obviously we weren't privy to too much imagery). Today we learn, via Dread Central, that Godzilla has another insect-like foe to face named "Muto", which evidently has eight legs. This info comes from a collectibles website called Urban Collector, which had originally listed a Godzilla playset that includes Godzilla, "Muto," two kaiju, 3 destructible buildings and bridge, and five military vehicles. The listing has since been taken down (put up too early?).

Wish we had more to share about Muto, but that's about it for now. Odd name though, isn't it? Short for "Mutant", perhaps?

In related news, it appears as though Godzilla's signature "atomic breath" will be present in the film. As if the bad boy isn't dangerous enough already! We'll get to see Godzilla and all his destructive pals in action in May of next year when Gareth Edwards' GODZILLA hits theaters. (Fingers crossed that an official trailer is released before the end of the year.)



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