Great evil rises in new Territorial poster

WOLF CREEK director Greg McLean is producing an upcoming creature feature from writer/director Matthew Holmes called TERRITORIAL, and today we've got a very cool poster for the flick that teases the film's creature along with the tagline, "Some myths are real". To get a sense of what to expect from TERRITORIAL the film is said to blend the classic ‘western’ with a gritty ‘creature-horror’, exploring Australian Indigenous mythologies like never before.

I really like the creature design that we see in the poster, it has a very earthy look to it that would look cool as hell on screen if they take this one the practical effects route. Hopefully we'll get to see more from this one soon, but for now you can check out the full synopsis and poster for the flick below. See what you think!

Jim Houlden, a down-on-his-luck gold prospector, is arrested for horse stealing and sent to Melbourne with a notorious outlaw, Charlie Burke. When the prison coach capsizes in the mountains, Jim makes a daring escape along with Burke and two other convicted men. They are quickly tracked by a rag-tag team of police led by the determined Sergeant Mitchell, aided by a cunning Black Tracker. Burke ignores any warnings and leads them into a deep, narrow valley long feared by the native tribes - a valley rumored to be the dwelling place of a "Great Evil." Jim now will have to find the courage to save not only himself but also a woman he has fallen for.

For sales at Cannes by Odin’s Eye Entertainment, Wolf Creek Pictures and Two Tone Pictures.

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite creature feature?



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