Exclusive! Greg McLean talks Wolf Creek 3 and 6 Miranda Drive!

Have you made your plans to visit with ol' Mick Taylor tomorrow? That's when Greg McLean's highly anticipated WOLF CREEK 2 finally hits U.S. VOD, later hitting limited theaters on May 16. Our very own The Arrow dug it, calling WOLF CREEK 2 'the best horror film of the year so far' in his review HERE. I'm stoked to check this badboy out!

Our own JimmyO had the opportunity to interview McLean on WOLF CREEK 2, the potential for a third entry in the series, and his excitement for working with Blumhouse for 6 MIRANDA DRIVE. The full interview will be up shortly, but JimmyO has provided us with a sneak peek with some interesting snippets from his conversation with McLean. Check 'em out below!

When asked if he had thought about where to take this character (Mick Taylor, played by John Jarratt) if he moves forward to WOLF CREEK 3, McLean replied:

I’ve certainly thought about it. In development time between the script, Mike Hearn, Aaron Sterns and I thought about different things we could do. We are really focused on seeing how this film goes and if people embrace the character and embrace this film, there is certainly a place for WOLF CREEK 3. And what we’ve also done is, because we’ve spent so much time working on the script, we actually wrote two prequel novels to WOLF CREEK. Aaron and myself wrote the first one which is called “Wolf Creek: Origin” which was published by Penguin in February. And we wrote “Wolf Creek: Desolation Game” which was published by Penguin as well. That was co-written by me and a writer called Brett McBean who is another Australian horror writer. And in those books we explore Mick’s life up until the point of the first film. So we see the development of him from a child into his early life and then really sort of demonstrate what happened to him that turned him into this incredible evil figure. So it has been explored that way but there is certainly more ways to explore it the other way as well. But again it is really about seeing how people respond to this movie.

McLean went on to share his experience of delving into the supernatural with 6 MIRANDA DRIVE so far, stating...

I’ve always been very fascinated with the supernatural. I’m curious about that and I’ve always loved supernatural horror films. So to me it’s going to be really great to explore fear in a very mundane and normal environment. And personally I’m just very excited about actually shooting inside a house and making a much more drama focused kind of horror film. So that is going to be really exciting for me to do that.

He also shared his excitement for working with Blumhouse on 6 MIRANDA DRIVE, stating...

It’s awesome. You know, there is no better place to be doing that kind of movie right now. It’s going to be really fun. And also we have an amazing cast lining up as well. Working with actors is one of the things that I most enjoy about film making so it’s going to be a real treat.

Stay tuned for JimmyO's complete interview with McLean as well as more news regarding 6 MIRANDA DRIVE and (hopefully) WOLF CREEK 3 as we hear it.

Mick Taylor demands you check out WOLF CREEK 2 on VOD tomorrow...or else!

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