Guillermo del Toro dishes on his version of Frankenstein

Guillermo del Toro has the worst kind of Hollywood ADD. His movies are so good and he's in such demand that it often feels like he's juggling a zillion projects at once. Thankfully, he may be placing his adaptation of FRANKENSTEIN toward the forefront of plans. In a red carpet interview, del Toro revealed the film is finally moving forward:

"[Universal Pictures Co-Chairman] Donna Langley just put us on track to write the screenplay. So, we’re going to start writing the script. It’s a very long endeavor for me; it’s going to require a couple of years just to write it. But it’s been put back on track by Donna."

The director also discussed the personal nature of the project and how that will affect his faithfulness to the source material.

"I think the moment that the only quality you can claim is faithfulness… I’m being very faithful to trying to encompass the whole narrative of the novel. I’m being very faithful in that I’m trying to capture the spirit of the novel, when I read it as a kid, and how it impacted me. I recognize that it’s both biography and prophecy about my life. It’s a very personal film. In many ways it’s the most personal film I’ll ever make, because my connection with the creature is very profound and deep and I don’t think there’s any other monster that has affected me as much."

The director also revealed he is taking as much time he needs to get his FRANKENSTEIN right. Based on previous accounts, Frankenstein's Monster will likely be played by del Toro regular Doug Jones with a make-up design by Bernie Wrightson (see above). Frank Darabont wrote a previous draft of the film which del Toro dubbed "near perfect", but based on the info above the director is still tinkering with it. What do you think guys? Do you think FRANKENSTEIN will turn out to be his masterpiece?

Extra Tidbit: I really, really want AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS to be made. While we're at it, a date with HELLBOY star Selma Blair (above) would also be nice.
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