Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters series will re-cast leads but keep the gore

One of the films on my to-see list is DEAD SNOW director Tommy Wirkola's horror-comedy fantasy flick HANSEL & GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS. I've heard mixed things about the movie, but I love Gemma Arterton and the film looks like a ton of fun. Just look at her smile in the pic above. 

I guess I might need to catch up on the movie sooner than later because it looks like the planned TV series is coming along at a brisk pace. 

The original film's director Wirkola recently sat down with B-D to discuss his new Noomi Rapace-starring Netflix movie WHAT HAPPENED TO MONDAY? and dropped new info on the potential TV series.

On top of confirming the series is currently being written by Mark Verheiden (EVIL DEAD), Wirkola also talked about re-casting the series (aka replacing Gemma Arterton and Jeremy Renner) and that the current plan is to keep the tone of the series R-rated.

Tommy Wirkola on the HANSEL & GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS series:

I had an idea for the sequel story so I wrote the first draft of it, but that was it for me, but as far as I heard now, the film is pretty much dead, but what we’re doing now, I’m back on board with the producers Kevin Messick and Adam McKay and those guys, and we’re developing it into a TV show with Paramount and MGM, who are the studios who financed it, so Mark Verheiden is writing the pilot as of now, Mark, of course, is a big writer, lastly he did Daredevil and Evil Dead and as of now, he’s writing a pilot right now, and we’re hoping to take it out to networks in the near future.

Wirkola on his involvement with the potential series:

I will be involved in that whole process, and I will direct the pilot, so I think it’s very exciting, it’s an idea that really suits television, just the nature of it, in that world you can really go to a lot of different places and have fun with it, so it’s exciting, we’re writing a pilot right now and we’re having fun with it.

Wirkola on new actors and R-rated content:

It’s gonna be re-cast and it’s gonna be a little bit of a reset on that front, but both Paramount and MGM have been really supportive and really encouraging actually to push the tone as much as we want and keep it R-rated, and even doing the film, there was still some restraint on how far we could push it and how far we could go, but now, they’ve been saying to us, go out there with it and have fun, so we’ll see. But so far they’ve been really supportive of how far we wanna take it.

Wirkola goes on from there to mention other projects he's working on and how many witches we might expect to see in the upcoming planned WITCH HUNTERS series. It's a good read so I suggest giving it a look at the link at the bottom.

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We'll let you know when we hear more! Full interview HERE.

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