High Fidelity scribe D.V. DeVincentis to adapt Depp/Wright's Night Stalker

D.V. DeVincentis, meet Johnny Depp and Edgar Wright!

Back in February we let you know Disney was in the biz of turning 70s TV show THE NIGHT STALKER into a tentpole feature film. With that info came an attached director and star...SHAUN OF THE DEAD'S Edgar Wright and Big John Depp. Now, here comes the scribe...

THR has it that HIGH FIDELITY and GROSS POINTE BLANK scribe D.V. DeVincentis has been hired by Disney to adapt a feature screenplay.

The series centered on Carl Kolchak, a reporter for the Chicago-based Independent News Service Stories, who investigated bizarre crimes committed by supernatural agents.

I mean, I suppose the show is obscure enough to be fresh upon adaptation. I can't be the only ones who'd prefer Depp and Wright work on an original project, but how many of those are green-lit now a days. Sad, but true. Still, I'm a fan of both, so I'll be tuning in.

Will you?

Depp's DARK SHADOWS co-star Michelle Pfeiffer

Extra Tidbit: Mentioned this before I think, but Depp's 1993 film ARIZONA DREAM is quite the gem indeed!
Source: THR



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