Hodder, Moseley, Mane, and more horror all-stars assemble for William Froste

As horror film WILLIAM FROSTE gears up to enter production in September, director Natalie Bible' and producer Brieanna Steele of Absinthe Productions have been busy gathering together a cast almost entirely made up of popular genre actors from iconic films and franchises.

The full cast includes Lew Temple, Tyler Mane, Bill Moseley, Muse Watson, Leslie Easterbrook, Michael Berryman, Kane Hodder, Miko Hughes, Amanda Wyss, Steve Railsback, Daeg Faerch, Jillian Murray, Alex Vincent,  Mateus Ward, Preston Bailey, Rodney Eastman, Lisa Wilcox,  Maria Olsen, Landon Gimenez, Emily O’Brien, Kellen Michael, and Tiffany Shepis.

Written by Vance Savage, the plot of WILLIAM FROSTE is being kept under wraps, with the only information given being that the film

presents the ultimate dichotomy of innocence vs. evil,  and will leave an audience questioning their own moral convictions and seeking answers.

Bible' assures,

"I intend to create a gritty and horrifically stylized film that is visually captivating, emotionally terrifying, and diabolical on every level."

Regardless of what the movie is about, it has my attention with this cast. Does it have your interest?

Jillian Murray

Extra Tidbit: Who is your favorite actor in this cast?



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