Horror @ the Box Office: Jan 27-29 - Liam Neeson survives the competition as the Grey reaches number 1

Happy Monday folks! The last weekend of January has been and gone, so what did you all get up to? You should have been out seeing THE GREY, which hit number 1 this weekend!

Oh yes, Liam Neeson led the way for Joe Carnahan’s THE GREY to tip the $20 M mark, almost making back the films budget. I am really glad to see such a fantastic film hit the number 1 spot, well done! Be sure to check out Arrow’s awesome review over HERE.

Last weeks number 1 UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING went down to the number 2 spot, still making a splash. The other new releases went to number 3 and number 5 spot. Otherwise it was a pretty uneventful weekend, with some Oscar nominated films bringing in some extra bank.

Next weekend we have the releases of some anticipated films with CHRONICLE and THE WOMAN IN BLACK, with THE INNKEEPERS getting a limited released. A good weekend for the genre, some nice alternatives if you wont be tuning in to the Superbowl.


1. The Grey
$ 20 M NEW
2. Underworld: Awakening
$ 12.5 M $ 45.1 M
3. One For The Money
$ 11.7 M NEW
4. Red Tails
$ 10.4 M $ 33.7 M
5. Man On A Ledge
$ 8.3 M NEW
6. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close $ 7.1 M $ 21.1 M
7. The Descendants
$ 6.5 M $ 58.8 M
8. Contraband
$ 6.5 M $ 56.4 M
9. Beauty & The Beast 3D
$ 5.3 M $ 41.1 M
10. Haywire
$ 4 M $ 15.2 M

Extra Tidbit: Anne Openshaw (above) has a small but interesting role in THE GREY.
Source: AITH



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