Hugh Jackman & Rebecca Ferguson join sci-fi thriller Reminiscence

A few years back in 2013, WESTWORLD executive producer Lisa Joy's script REMINISCENCE made the Black List. And today we have word that the movie will finally be heading our way soon - and it just snagged one hell of a leading cast in the form of Hugh Jackman (LOGAN) and Rebecca Ferguson (Rose the Hat in director Mike Flanagan's upcoming adaptation of Stephen King's THE SHINING sequel DOCTOR SLEEP).  

Jackman and Ferguson are finalizing deals to star in the movie which would see the two reteaming after sharing the screen in some movie called THE GREATEST SHOWMAN. I haven't seen that movie, but my kids make me listen to the soundtrack on repeat. Anyhow, Joy will be making her feature film directing debut on this new sci-fi thriller, which will see Jackman play: 

A private eye who deals in recapturing vivid cherished memories for clients. He becomes vexed by one of those clients (Ferguson). It is set slightly in the future in a Miami that has been changed by global warming, with much of the city submerged underwater.

Joy says about the film:

It has been a labor of love and also vision. I know exactly what I want this to be, including all of the action set pieces, and turning Miami into a sunken world. Working on Westworld has been an incredible experience in learning to make something with the scope of a feature on a TV timeline with a budget nowhere near what you would expect for a feature film equivalent.

Joy goes on to pitch the movie and you can read her lengthy 2,600+ word pitch over HERE. For everyone else who doesn't have that kind of time at the moment, let it be known that the movie will be heading into principal photography on October 21 and it will shoot in New Orleans and, duh, Miami. This will allow Joy to complete work on WESTWORLD season three. REMINISCENCE will be produced by Joy along with her WESTWORLD co-creator (and Christopher Nolan's brother) Jonathan Nolan. They will be joined by Michael De Luca (IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS) and Aaron Ryder.

I'm interested in this movie for not only the cast but the fact that I live here in Florida. So the idea of seeing Miami (which is only a hop skip and a 5-hour drive from me) underwater in a big budget movie sounds like a lot of fun. How does this film sound to you? Let us know below!

Source: Deadline



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