Interview: Alexandra Daddario! Texas Chainsaw 3D!

The biggest treat for me personally when it came to TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D was that it featured many of the original folks from the very first 1974 classic. Without giving too much away, fans of the series will really enjoy what they do with the opening sequence of this latest installment. Thankfully, the film also stars the incredibly lovely Alexandra Daddario and the talented music maker Trey Songz. And let’s just say he is MUCH better than another music man in another horror franchise which I won’t mention… one that I’d rather not RESURRECT, at least not now Busta.

It was a real pleasure sitting down with both Alexandra and Trey as they were both incredibly nice and frankly, they looked a whole lot better without all the fake blood spattered everywhere. The two discussed working with some of the original cast and crew. We also chatted a little about this particular film’s uniqueness as it doesn’t quite play out as your typical horror.

Yep folks… the SAW is back and you can catch it this Friday at a theatre near you.

"There is this little mystery element in the film that is different than some of the other sequels."

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