INT: Josh Hartnett

At first glance, Josh Hartnett doesn't strike me as much of a vampire slayer. But like Sarah Michelle Gellar, perhaps that's where the genius comes in. In 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, Hartnett plays Sheriff Eben Oleson, a pretty average guy forced to deal with pretty above-average circumstances: vampires. These vampires aren't your Sesame Street or breakfast cereal variety. The don't bother sucking your blood as much as they rip you open and drink your blood as it spews out. Hartnett gave me some of his time recently in New York to talk 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, vampires and his love of tap dance. OK, we didn't get into tap but I could see it in his eyes. Shuffle, shuffle, tap tap...

Source: JoBlo.comAITH

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