Interview: Piranha 3DD Stars Danielle Panabaker and David Koechner!

Danielle Panabaker and David Koechner are in a battle to save their adult oriented water park this Friday with the release of PIRANHA 3DD. And guess what, this is no PG-13 rated summer flick! Luckily both actors are having a blast fighting killer fish with a hankerin’ for human flesh.

Both Danielle and David happen to be very talented actors and while they were having fun doing a PIRANHA flick, they certainly added a little class to the proceedings. Mr. Koechner is an incredibly funny guy who knows how to play an a-hole like nobody’s business. As for Ms. Panabaker, not only is she incredibly lovely, she is extremely likable as the leading lady in this here horror comedy.While chatting with the two of them for the film’s release, we spoke about the professional attitude of the piranha cast in the film. We also talked about what it called for making a film called PIRANHA 3DD. And of course, what are their thoughts on a sequel! PIRANHA 3DD is swarming at a theatre near you on Friday!

“... always ready for another take no matter how hard we smashed them with that rock.”

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