It Comes At Night, and Joel Edgerton is going to fight it

Joel Edgerton The Gift

When A24 acquired the distribution rights to Trey Edward Shults' micro-budget directorial debut KRISHA, part of the deal was that the company would produce and distribute his second film as well. Shults has chosen to fulfill that deal by following up his breakthrough drama with a psychological horror movie called IT COMES AT NIGHT, and he has just secured a lead actor.

Joel Edgerton has signed on to star in the film as 

a father who will stop at nothing to protect his wife and son from a malevolent, mysterious presence terrorizing them right outside their doorstep.

Edgerton is no stranger to dark material. Not only has he starred in horror films like 2007's WHISPER and the 2011 THE THING "premake", but last year he also wrote, directed, and starred in the excellent thriller THE GIFT.

IT COMES AT NIGHT is being produced by Justin R. Chan, Chase Joliet, David Kaplan, and Wilson Smith.

This sounds like a very interesting match of story and star, and I always like to see filmmakers who first gain attention for a different genre switch gears and do a horror movie, so I will definitely be keeping an eye on IT COMES AT NIGHT.

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