It's here! The trailer for Abraham Lincoln v Zombies in all it's glory!

We all know Honest Abe will be battling vampires in the near future but did you guys also know he was a slayer of the undead? Hell yeah he is! Abraham Lincoln motherf*cker!

With that being said I've come here today to bring you all the trailer for ABRAHAM LINCOLN VS. ZOMBIES in all it's greatness. Just keep in mind that this is an Asylum production... Scroll on down below and get a look at the goods courtesy of Bloody-Disgusting!

While the brutal Civil War rages on, Abraham Lincoln must undertake an even more daunting task; destroying the Confederate Undead!

The guys over at BD also got a few looks at the campy romp courtesy of some stills. I've tossed a couple of the shots up above and below but you can click through on either of them to check out some more.

ABRAHAM LINCOLN VS. ZOMBIES comes from director Richard Schenkman and stars Bill Oberst Jr. as our titular hero. This thing just entered post-production after filming in Savannah, Georgia so hopefully more news on this shite will spill our way soon.

Extra Tidbit: What other historical figures would you like to see battle the undead?



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